Frequently Asked Questions

Each staff member of MCR&DS is trained to look at each claim the way a claims adjuster does. We are very proactive in our approach to the follow-up and appeals of claims.

Is MCR&DS a billing company or a collections agency?
MCR&DS is neither a billing company nor a collections agency. We only do appeal and followup of denied and unpaid medical claims. Our staff has a combined experience of more than 80 years in medical billing and claims management.

How does MCR&DS charge for its services? Is there a start-up fee?
There is no start-up fee. We work on a contingency basis. We only get paid when the unpaid claim is paid.

What types of insurance companies do you deal with?
We deal with all types of insurance companies.

What states do you cover?
We serve all 50 states in the United States of America.

Do we have to give you all of our aging Account Receivables? Is there a minimum number of claims that we are required to give you?
You decide what claims you want us to work on. We can also review your AR situation and submit a list of claims we will be working on. There is no minimum requirement.

How do you collect information? Do you use our staff to make copies?
It depends on your preference and the volume of the claims. We need some basic information (charges, EOB/Denials) to start working on the claims. You can make copies of them and send them to us by mail or fax. MCR&DS can come to your office to collect the information. We have a special process in place to “stay out of your way.”

Where do payments from insurance companies go?
The reimbursements go directly to the nursing home facility or medical practice. We will invoice you once a month on the claims paid to you in that month.

Do you outsource the work to another country?
No! Our director reviews and supervises the follow-up and appeal of each claim to ensure that proper regulations are followed.

How is MCR&DS different from other companies?
MCR&DS reviews the claim as a whole, from the time the patient enters the nursing home facility or medical practice until the claim is denied.

How old are the claims you work on?
Insurance companies have different timely filing and appeal guidelines ranging from 60 days to 2 years. Typically, we take on claims 3 months to 3 years old.

Do you work on these claims at the client’s facility or at your office?
All the work is done at our office.

How quickly do you work on the unpaid claim?
Our policy is to work on the claim within 1-2 business days upon receipt of the information.

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MCR&DS Benefits

  • Reimbursement from the TPA and insurance companies goes directly to your facility or practice.
  • We have a proven system to handle large numbers of denials ensuring compliant, timely, effective and powerful appeals designed to get results.
  • We complement and do not compete with your billing department. You have complete control of your billing department. We work only on claims assigned to us.
  • We have the staff, time, resources, and experience to expedite the process. Combined, we have more than 80 years of experience in insurance (claims management), billing/coding, claims, follow-up, and appeals.
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