The MCR&DS Process

MCR&DS offers you many advantages over any billing company or department including: insurance experience, extensive nursing background, and the resources to turn your accounts around quickly!

  1. Gathering of Information

    MCR&DS has a “collection of information process” that minimizes interference with the work of your staff. We can either make copies or scan these into our system. Alternatively, the nursing home facility or medical practice can fax or mail the information to us. We will tell you what documents we need.

  2. Documents/Information is Reviewed and Worked on at MCR&DS’ Location

  3. We Will Contact your Facility if Additional Information is Needed

    We may request information such as therapy notes and progress reports for the appeal process. We will comprehensively review the medical records (having performed this at the insurance level) before sending them to the requesting insurance company.

  4. Follow-up and Appeals are done at MCR&DS

    Your nursing home facility or medical practice receives all payments and correspondence directly from the payers. Your biller posts all payer payments.

  5. MCR&DS Bills your Nursing Home Facility or Medical Practice on a Monthly Basis

    We will provide you with status reports if requested.

* If there are several Medicare claims, access to Medicare online is an advantage. This will facilitate our appeals and follow-up work without interrupting the work of your biller

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