“The staff has been able to turn around accounts quickly, professionally, and most importantly, successfully.”

I am extremely pleased with the work of Letty Carroll and her staff at MCR&DS. I was amazed at how quickly she was able to get claims paid that we had tried collecting for months without success.

I was skeptical at first of how successful she would be after giving her claims that I thought were very unlikely to be paid but my skepticism quickly turned around when she began getting our claims paid.

I would, without a doubt, recommend her services to anyone. I think anyone would be as impressed with her knowledge, dedication, and professionalism as I was. Thank you MCR&DS!”

Jen Brennan
Financial Manager
Park Manor Rehabilitation and HCC (NY)

It is without hesitation that I recommend Letty and her staff at MCR&DS as a solution to your outstanding claims.

I had interviewed other claim collection services but never moved forward because I was not comfortable with their process. Letty’s pitch almost felt too good to be true but I had to take her up on it. She delivered results immediately, often times with very little information to work with.

Letty allows the client to be as involved as they wish to be. I was leery of how much work was going to be involved for my Business Office but they delivered results without taxing the workload of my staff.

Letty puts you at ease with the process from the very beginning. You cannot lose with MCR&DS, just give them a chance.

Jim Wiley
Syracuse Home Association (NY)

Our experience with the services of MCR&DS has been extremely positive. The staff has been able to turn around accounts quickly, professionally and, most importantly, successfully. Our relationship has helped our bottom line at a time when we really need it.

Deb English
Cayuga County Nursing Home (NY)

It is my pleasure to recommend Letty Carroll and her company, MCR&DS, as a solution to your claim denials.

MCR&DS delivered their expert and personal service as promised and more. The positive outcomes of their appeal/follow up of unpaid claims are proof of MCR&DS’ dedication and knowledge in this area.

Letty and her company have handled our Interventional Radiology procedure denials with tremendous success. Her experience as a surgical nurse gives her the technical knowledge of procedures which is often lacking in office personnel.

Diane Huston, CPC, RCC, CCP
Coding Supervisor
Radiology Specialists, Ltd (NV)

MCR&DS gets results. Letty Carroll does what she says she will do. I have enjoyed working with MCR&DS from day one. Payments are coming in, cash flow is good.

Turning those time consuming claims over to MCR&DS frees me to concentrate on what is at hand. Once in a while, a claim just seems to take forever to get paid. This is where Letty comes in.

With very little information, Letty was able to get started and the outcome was rewarding. She is professional, knowledgeable and prompt in her outcomes. You cannot go wrong with MCR&DS.”

Rita Drazdik
Business Office
Braxton Health Care Center (WV)

You and your team have done exactly what you stated you could do. Your knowledge, resources and dedication to our accounts is very impressive.

You took as little or as much information as we gave you on what we thought were uncollectible claims and were able to bring in payments.

Thank you Letty and staff!”

Sheila Geist
Business Office Manager
Our Lady of Mercy Life Center (NY)

I am very impressed and happy with the outcome of MCR&DS’ recovery work for Forest Manor Health Care Center. Their knowledge, resources and dedication in their work is very evident with our outcomes. The quick turn around of the unpaid claims greatly improved our cash flow. They work well with our billing department and made sure we got reimbursed appropriately and expeditiously. I highly recommend their services. Thank you MCR&DS! ”

Joel Foreman, LNHA
Forest Manor Health Care Center (NJ)

Letty, you and your team have done a great job on the claims you have worked on for us here at Compere’s. Considering the lack of information we have given you on the claims, I was very surprised when I received payments! You will be receiving more business from us in the future.”

Lisha Woodard, BBA, LNHA
Compere’s Nursing Home (MS)

Letty was extraordinarily effective in helping drive positive outcomes, building value within our organization as well as from outside our company, and maintaining excellent relationships with those around her. I was always impressed with her attention to detail, vast medical knowledge, and her ability to get tasks done under extreme pressure and difficult circumstances.”

Chris Niesmertelny
Team Manager
Liberty Mutual Insurance-NJ

Letty, the word thank you just doesn't say how much I appreciate what you and your staff have accomplished with my outstanding receivables. I received payment on claims I had resolved myself to be uncollectible.

Your dedication and expertise proved to be quite beneficial to us. Also, the friendly and informative manner in which you and your staff worked with me was very much appreciated.

Jeryl Ann Oliva
Business Office Manager
Port Jefferson Health Care (NY)

Letty has been very helpful and very successful in the recovery of my old past receivables. She is confident, responsible and highly knowledgeable in her field. I would highly recommend her without reservation.

Her work habits and collaborative skills were exceptional. I found her to be highly motivated and hardworking individual who took the extra time to know my staff and acquaint herself with many of my patients who had billing questions. ”

Avi Werthaim, MD
Medical Director, DCC-NJ
Doctor’s Care Center (NJ)

On the personal level, I find Letty Carroll a very dependable, ethical and hard-working individual. Professionally, Letty has demonstrated vast knowledge of managed care. Her knowledge and dedication to her work have helped my practice tremendously. She was very effective and efficient, and went out of her way to help us.”

Dr. Adela Peralta, MD
Kearny, NJ

Her communications were always relayed in a very professional manner with detailed on-point analysis. Letty was called upon to review and advise on large complex cases because of her demonstrated abilities to resolve problems expediently along with her extensive knowledge and experience with workers’ compensation medical case management issues.”

John Campion Claims Manager
Horizon Casualty Services (NJ)

It has been a pleasure to have been working along with someone who has handled our office billing in a proficient and professional manner.”

Kathy Ferrie, LPN
(Office manager, DCC-NJ)

medical claims and appeals

MCR&DS Benefits

  • Reimbursement from the TPA and insurance companies goes directly to your facility or practice.
  • We have a proven system to handle large numbers of denials ensuring compliant, timely, effective and powerful appeals designed to get results.
  • We complement and do not compete with your billing department. You have complete control of your billing department. We work only on claims assigned to us.
  • We have the staff, time, resources, and experience to expedite the process. Combined, we have more than 80 years of experience in insurance (claims management), billing/coding, claims, follow-up, and appeals.
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